Toyota Prius Seat Covers -Waterproof


You have made the right choice of green and clean with your Toyota Prius. We understand the need for cleanliness, which is why we offer safe (comfortable) seat covers – custom-made to fit your seats Easy to clean and will keep your interior looking beautiful for years to come. Your Prius is making a statement about you and we are proud to offer the best Toyota Prius seat covers for any lifestyle. You can choose from a variety of items that will fit your budget, such as our seat covers that will fit your Prius. They fit much better and last longer than enough seat covers on the shelves, saving a lot over time.

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Toyota Prius Seat Covers

  • PROTECTS AGAINST STAINS – These are the perfect seat covers for your new car or even a car that’s just new to you. Our front seat covers offer protection against spills and stains that might occur inside of your vehicle while also refreshing the look of your interior.
  • WATERPROOF LINING – Have peace of mind knowing that your seats are protected in the case of an accidental spill. We use a waterproof neoprene foam lining on the inside of our seat protectors for maximum protection against spills.
  • MODERN DESIGN – Our universal fit seat covers feature a modern ‘side-less ‘design that is fully compatible with any built-in airbags and armrests found in newer vehicles. No modifications required, simply install and you’re all set!
  • EASY TO INSTALL – The best investment for your new vehicle might also be the quickest. Follow our simple 3-step installation process to install the front seat covers before finishing off with the headrest covers.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT – Our front seat covers are designed to fit most vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Please see our product images for fitment examples. Some additional work may be required to create a ‘perfect fit.


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