2 Ton, 3 Ton Steel Jack Stands

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Steel jack is very essential things for repairing automobile vehicles such as cars, trucks, jeep, etc. This jack will help you lift your vehicle and repairing the body parts of your vehicle. There are various capacities of stands such as 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton Steel Jack Stands, 6 ton, and more. You should choose your jack with colors also. Red, Blue colors used widely.

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There are many types of Steel jack stands in the market. These are very essential tools for repairing automobile vehicles such as cars, trucks, jeep, etc. Every automobile vehicle owner should keep it as a repairing toolset. During the drive, any problem may occur in your vehicle. So, for repairing the tire or any parts of the vehicle, you can lift it easily by using this steel jack. You can purchase a pair of 3 Ton Steel Jack Stands or a single jack for lifting your vehicle. But you should buy at least one pair if you want to lift your vehicle with good support from both sides. Some features of the jack are:

  • When you will use together as a Pair, you can lift up to 2-ton using the steel jack stands that have a 4,000-pound capacity total.
  • This jack has a Self-locking ratchet which means you need not any locking key; the jack to meet ASME PASE-2014 Safety Standard for Portable Automotive Service Equipment.
  • The jack stand can be raised higher or lowered as needed. Adjustment is so easy for the jack.
  • The jack steel is used in a Durable frame with a rustproof coating. It is an easy-to-read weight capacity.
  • You can get a 1-year warranty from AmazonBasics. So happy buying!

Additional information


7.4 x 6.8 x 10.6 inches


10.1 pounds

3 reviews for 2 Ton, 3 Ton Steel Jack Stands

  1. Average Joe 12

    For the value, these are a deal! The steel base could be a nice gauge: Thick and durable but not overly heavy. The paint is evenly applied and glossy.

    The locking mechanism may be a little “clunky” and will feel a touch more “positive” in my opinion. But I can say i’ve got had weight on these and that they do seem securely locked enough that I felt safe in crawling under my truck when on the stands. even be aware the saddle expanse may dimple any flat area of your car frame (mine are getting used to elevate on older pick-up which features a full chassis). In using these for my old truck going into future storage I found it necessary to shield the frame from the highest of the “saddle” (I laid a bit of heavy angled steel across the highest of the saddle).

    I have only used on a concrete surface and that they seem stable. Not “top of the line” but very nice for a weekend DIY’er like myself. In fact, I ended up buying a second pair.

  2. Dirt McGirt

    It’s a jack stand. The price and it’s ability to hold the car up are the only thing that matters, this covers both well.

  3. Greg

    Steady and Strong

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