Big Red 6 Ton Jack Stands

Big Red Torin 6 Ton Jack Stands

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Torin 6 ton jack stands are essential things for repairing automobile vehicles like cars, trucks, jeep, etc. This jack will facilitate the lift of your vehicle and repairing the body parts of your vehicle. There are various capacities of stands like 2 ton 3-ton, big red 6 ton jack stands and more. you must choose your jack with colors also. Red, Blue colors used widely.

Product Description of Big Red Torin 6 Ton Jack Stands

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Big Red Torin 6 Ton Jack Stands

There are many types of Torin big red steel jack stands in the market. But people mostly search on “big red 6 ton jack stands” or “Torin 6 ton jack stands” These are very essential tools for repairing your beautiful vehicles such as cars, trucks, jeeps, etc. Every car or vehicle owner should keep it as a repairing toolset. This Torin 6 ton jack stand which is approximately 12,000 lb can help you with any problem that may occur in your vehicle on the journey. So, for repairing the vehicle tire or any parts of the vehicle which is on the bottom side of your vehicle, you need this. By using these big red 6-ton jack stands, you can lift them easily. You can purchase a pair or single jack for lifting your vehicle. But you should buy at least one pair if you want to lift your car or vehicle with good support from both sides.

Some features of the Big Red Torin 6 Ton Jack Stands are:

  • This Lightweight jack stand has a double locking feature that increases safety by 200% and supports vehicles after lifting with a jack; capable to handle a wide range of vehicles including small cars, jeeps, SUVs, and more.
  • You can adjust height ranges from 15-3/8″ to 23-13/16″ with a 6-ton steel jack that is approximately (12,000 lb) load capacity. The saddle has a large surface area that provides better contact with the load being supported
  • The jack is constructed with heavy-duty steel and is industrial welded for quality and long-term durability.
  • It is tested for reliability and safety to meet ASME safety standards for automobile vehicles that include a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  •  Always use a jack stand on a flat level surface, nice stable ground.
  • The jack has good quality and performance with strength; a Large foot base delivers additional stability.
  • Multi-position forged iron ratchet bar has a sawtooth nice design, allowing for quick height adjustments that lock into any place and help to support the vehicle rigidly.
  • Precision for quality and performance is ensured by the Manufacturer.

Additional information


11.7 x 10 x 18.6 inches


18 pounds

1 review for Big Red Torin 6 Ton Jack Stands

  1. Jeff H

    These jacks are what I used to be searching for to get the most raise of my car. I discovered others that had a little greater lift, however, did not have the locking pin. The locking pin is an absolute need for me, due to the fact even although it is rare, bumping the locking takes care of on a jack barring the pin CAN reason the jack to drop. The much less weight on the jack, the less complicated it is to knock the cope with and drop the jack. When I have the engine and transmission pulled from my car, there are solely about 600 to seven-hundred lbs resting on the jack. I may not get underneath the auto until the jack has to lock pins. ( I knew any individual who used to be killed when his automobile dropped off of his jacks and overwhelmed him). My historical set of jacks had the pins too, and I used them for over 25 years with no problems, however, they did not have the elevated peak of these jacks. Well well worth the fee for the lifting vary and locking capacity. The sole trouble I had (not a huge deal) used to be the field used to be partly beaten and one of the stands had paint chipped off of it, however, I definitely do not care given that these are to be used and now not to simply sit down in a nook searching pretty.

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